AENNOR is a female art collective based in London founded in 2018 by the artists who share passion for practice-led research and exploration through experimenting with mixed-media: video, photography, sound, performance and installation. We address the themes of women's empowerment, femininity and body politics, as well as environmental and ecological issues. Our intention is to re-think and re-imagine the representation of sensuality, corporeality and sexuality and to raise awareness to the problems such as climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss while interrogating anthropogenic responsibility for those. We approach the practices of collaboration, co-existence and transmutation from a fresh perspective to imagine the different ways of seeing and understanding the connection between the human species, varied ecosystems and the other forms of life.

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Consumables - Loosen Art, Italy / Selected for Still Life. Alternative Exposures exhibition at Millepiani, Rome

Plastified - Earth Photo, UK / Winner in Nature category, Shortlisted. Selected for exhibition at Royal Geographical Society, London, UK

Plastified - Selected for NIDA International Photography Symposium 2019, Lithuania

Plastified - GetxoPhoto, Spain / Shortlisted

Raw Tissue & Untangled - Athens Photo Festival, Greece / Shortlisted