The series ‘Consumables’ is the collection of the photographed sculptural assemblages featuring the body parts in awkward, unnatural positions, confront and coalesce with the biological matter. The photographs are intentionally staged to perplex the viewer. The constructed, yet still improvisatory and absurd nature of the images play the integral role in accentuating the uncanny facets to puzzle the psyche. The opposing elements - body and organic objects, such as flowers, fruits and fungi - probe the psychological potential of dichotomies and dualities. The body is rendered anonymous, never shown in full, fragmented, whereas the objects which rest on it, are almost intact, full-bodied, presented as the commodity. Somewhat fetishistic in nature, these images talk about the consumption of female body, through juxtaposing it to the organic ‘consumables’. This project visualises a certain kind of tense ambiguity and subtlety of the human body that challenges the established patterns of perceiving naked flesh, as much as it is enquiring into the context of performativity in front of the camera eye.